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Savvy Strategies for Holiday Shopping

| December 04, 2015
Holiday Shopping

It never fails. Every holiday season we find ourselves in a panic trying to get shopping done last minute while watching the credit card balance skyrocket. If you could do it differently to save stress, time and cash, would you shop earlier? Would you compare prices before hitting the stores? We’ve explored answers to these and other top holiday shopping questions that savvy shoppers use to save more green while still enjoying the season.

Is early shopping a smart move? Not exactly. For some shoppers, it makes sense to spread out holiday purchases over a few months to avoid running up a huge bill on the credit card. Problem is, you buy something for a loved one early and they hint at wanting something more later and then you end up buying more in the long run. Instead, it may be best to start a list. If it’s a hot ticket item you’re worried about selling out, you can make an exception.

Can apps help me save more money? Yes. Retailers count on your impulse purchases during the holiday season, hitting you up with strategically located kiosks and ads. Avoid the temptation and use online price comparison apps first to find the best deals. Red Laser and Shop Savvy are popular retail comparison apps that let you scan barcodes to find the best prices for the items online or at local retailers. Often, retailers are willing to price match or discount an item to beat another retailer’s price.

Will I get better discounts through retailer emails? Maybe. Signing up for store newsletters could save you anywhere from 10 to 20 percent off your purchase. If you signed up for email alerts but the deals aren’t relevant to you, head to websites like to search for online coupon codes for many of the top products and retailers.

Can I save on gift cards? Yes. Buying gift cards are a safe—and sometimes preferred—gift option for a hard-to-please relative or friend. Believe it or not, you can get discounts on gift cards through online exchanges. Utilize websites like or to search for gift cards at a discount.

We hope these tips will help make your holidays happier and keep more cash in your hand. When it comes to planning for your financial future, we are available to assist at 248-290-5252 or

Happy holidays!

John M. Giangrande, RFC
Jeffery P. Sprague